Vertical Labs is a small software development shop with branches in Vancouver and Montreal. We specialize in web, mobile and social application development because these technologies connect people. We’re interested in building products that make life better – not more frustrating.

Communicate. Share.

Building software is a process which works best when the developers understand the needs of everybody involved. We’re looking for partnerships, not clients.

Plan ahead. Be flexible.

Needs change. We like to understand the big picture, but we move forward in bite-size steps so that we can help you change course if necessary.

Build. Grow.

We are invested in our work, and that means choosing interesting, challenging and meaningful work. If you are passionate about your project, chances are we will be too.

Stay light. Move fast.

We’re small because we want to be. It helps us work closely with our partners. It keeps things simple. It’s sustainable. It’s more fun.


We’ve been involved with web development from the beginning. We have experience building and supporting web applications with millions of users, and we are constantly growing and refining our skills. Right now we’re working with some of the latest and greatest technologies: HTML5, CSS3, node.js, Ruby on Rails, golang. We’ve been around.


The numbers are everywhere – the world is moving away from the desktop as the primary source of internet access. Our developers have delivered mobile products via WAP, SMS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. We can help you expand your visibility into the mobile space so your users can keep their experience with them on the go.


We help you define your problem, understand your technical options, and make the right choice. We also collaborate closely with your stakeholders to identify tradeoffs and mitigate risks before you invest time and money in your project. We can even manage the development and delivery of your solution, so you can stay focused on your core business.
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